Why do you fail to lose weight?

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Because it’s extremely boring and you lack the willpower.

That or you just really don’t care about losing weight (which is perfectly fine) but for some reason you don’t want be honest about it.


Weight loss is still one of the biggest reason why people join the gym. Ask any gym member what his or her goal is an I’m sure it has something to do with losing weight or improving the way they look.


So it’s still pretty real.


Especially if you realize that there are literally thousands of books, articles, blogs, vlogs, dietarians and weight loss programs.


But why do we still systematically fail at losing weight?


Well, you could argue that we fail because of the existence of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream which is basically the best thing on earth and that would be the end of my blog.




I wanted to point out another reason as to why we fail in our never ending journey to achieve those dream goals.


It’s because at its core, losing weight is a ridiculous boring endeavor. There is just no fun in losing weight. I mean, who voluntarily puts him or herself into a calorie deficit to look a bit better.


Bodybuilders Nick, bodybuilders do.


Oh, yeah your right about that.


But ask them and they will tell you losing weight is just no fun.


All the secondary things around eating less can be made as fun or complex as possible but the eating less part is simple, boring and sometimes even annoying.


And so we are at the core of our problem.


In order for us simple humans to do something for the long run we need one of two things.


Fun in doing the things we need to do in order to achieve our results or having a shit load of intrinsic motivation and a very disciplined mind.


We already know that losing weight is not something you do for fun.


Unfortunately most of us are not that disciplined since we live in this ultra-easy consuming society in which getting what you want is usually done by simply pressing a button.


So what about motivation?


If you’ve read my latest English blog you know that I myself think that motivation is a load of bullshit.


Motivation is this thing you sometimes have but more often not. So waiting for motivation is probably not the best idea if it comes to achieving those hard goals.


But let’s take a closer look at the people we are talking about. Do they really want to lose weight?


I don’t mean the kind of 5 seconds of wanting you have when you see a nice car driving by an you go like oooh yeah I’d like to drive that car.


In the back of your mind you already know that having such a car isn’t that important and not at all worth the hustle and hardship you’d have to go through in order to save up to be able to buy such a car just to impress a group of people you probably don’t even like.


No, I’m talking about the everlasting, ever present, deep yearning of accomplishing a certain goal of which you know it will make you a lot more happier than you are right now.


That kind of wanting.


Is that the kind of wanting you have if you talk about losing weight?


If no then just take it easy. It’s fine, you don’t need to lose weight if you don’t really want to. Don’t fall for the fat shaming, don’t buy the whole you are unhealthy because you are fat because honestly that’s just bullshit and let nobody tell you that you are less of a human than they are. You are fine just the way you are and you probably long more for self-acceptance than the approval of others.


Go work on that and chase the goals that will actually make you happy.


If yes, go for it, work hard, let nobody tell you that you can’t do it because you can. You can because you have the deep wanting to be able to. It will be hard, it will be ugly, it will be emotional but if this is really what you want it will all be worth it.



I sincerely hope that with this message you are able to take a step forward into achieving your goals whatever they might be.


Always look out for the deep, ever present wanting of something. If it’s not there, it’s probably not worth the hassle.



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