Motivation: the truth of the lie.


Do you think Muhammad Ali was motivated to train?

I don’t think motivation had a lot to do with his succes, I think it was the fact that he was 100% absolutely determined to do everything necessary to become the champion.

That has little to do with motivation and everything with discipline and willpower.

As a sportsman and business owner, I wake up every day determined to make the best of that day.

Of course I make plans to reach further then the end of this day, but I usually take things day by day.


But why do I have this determination to get the most out of the day?


Some would argue that I’m motivated and that’s all you need.


I’m not buying that.


“we have all bought into the idea that we need motivation in order to achieve our goals”


Sure I’m motivated from time to time to do things, and when I am I have this awesome energy flow and everything feels amazing. You all know this feeling I’m sure.


But then it just disappears for no apparent reason. And I know you know this feeling to.


Your like, wtf happened. What? Why? Where did you go?


But we are left in the dark as to why motivation just up and leaves us right on the moment it seems we need it the most.


But do we?


Do we really need it?


“motivation is the single biggest lie if it comes to achieving your goals.  It is not reliable, you can’t control it and when you need it the most it’s not there”


Believe me, some days I wake up and don’t feel any motivation at all to do a single f.ckng thing.


I do it anyways.




Because I have learned to be disciplined or else I would never reach my goals.


And not reaching my goals sucks big time.


So yeah.


To be honest, some days I just don’t feel like working for those goals because they still look so far away. They might not appeal to me as much as they did yesterday or I just want to watch Game of Thrones instead of working.


I can come up with a thousand bullshit excuses for not wanting to work for my goals.


“motivation is the lie we hide ourselves behind whenever we lack it and don’t feel like working on our goals”


But, I made a deal with myself to never break a promise to anyone including myself. And if I can’t even keep a promise to myself what does that really say about me.


Instead of waiting for motivation to come by and pick me up I just make myself remember why I had set the alarm clock so early and why I want what I want. I then picture all the benefits of achieving my goals and just get to work.


It’s not sexy or glamorous and it’s not a big secret. It’s just you getting to work on the things that need working on.


“It’s not motivation that gets shit done, it’s you yourself that gets shit done”


If you can constantly remind yourself to the why of it all, to the deeper reason of why you said yes to a certain goal and the fact that you agreed to the bumpy road that comes with it, you don’t need motivation.


Let me help you.


Write down your most desired goal.


Then write down why you want to achieve this goal.


And then write down why you want the want to achieve your goal.


For example.


My goal is to build a successful online business.


I want this because next to wanting to help people with my knowledge and experience I also want to be independent.


The reason why I want to help people is that it gives me the feeling of fulfillment and purpose. Helping people sincerely makes me happy. The reason of wanting to be independent is because it makes me feel strong and capable of taking on the world.
Also, I really dislike the feeling of not having fulfillment and being dependent on others too much.


Be honest about what you want, look into the deeper why’s and reasons behind your goals and whenever you catch the lucky break of feeling motivated just enjoy it, use it and accept that it can be gone any moment.


But that’s okay because you have something stronger than motivation, you have clarity on why you want what you want and that’s all you need.


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